As you will appreciate, making a high-quality bespoke product from scratch isn’t going to happen overnight. 
When we sort out the order, our first stage is to commence the design of the crossovers. 
This is needed to ensure that all the drivers will be happy with the form of the cabinet. 
As soon as the crossover design is confirmed, we produce working drawings for the cabinets, enclosures and stands, etc. 
The drawings are checked, and then go for manufacture. 
The drivers and crossover components are ordered. Every driver is checked, with its mate, to ensure compatibility. 
Cutting and machining the cabinet components will take a minimum of several days.  
The assembly of a pair of the most simple cabinet structures can take several days, the complicated can take weeks. 
Crossover manufacture takes place while the cabinets are in production. 
Completed cabinets are tested, then go for ‘first fitting’ of all components. This ensures that all holes and so forth are drilled before the cabinets have their finishes applied. This minimises the chances of damage after they have been veneered or painted. The components are then stored before final assembly. Finishing and curing simple units can take from days to weeks, depending on the detail. 
When completed, the crossovers are electronically tested. 
When the finishing is cured, final assembly takes place. 
This is usually quite quick as all the bits have been there before. Internal wiring is completed, then it’s off for sound tests. 
Completed units are packed, ready for delivery/installation. 
For more information on our bespoke range of high quality designer speakers, please get in touch using the form below. 
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